Waterloo Sunset

                           There are many misunderstandings about hypnotherapy, but it is

                             simply a means of allowing yourself to focus inwardly, without

                             employing "the critical faculty"*. This frees up all  the complications

                             we create for ourselves in our daily lives,  simplifying decision making.

                                       The "critical faculty" is a compilation of all those lessons we learn

                                 through life, such as, "boys don't cry", "You must be perfect", "You are

                                  stupid" etc. It should be an enabler which protects us from danger,

                                  but often acts as a disabler.


                            Hypnotherapy allows the true power of the mind to be employed,   The Hill

                              a power which we all have, but rarely use.


                         The hypnotic state is one of deep relaxation and comfort which,

                               once enjoyed, is used regularly by clients in the form of self-hypnosis.


                             It has many useful applications, including the improvement of

                              self-esteem, dealing with stress, phobias and even pain management.


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