Mike spent his life in industry, considering himself as adequate, with an

                                    underlying feeling of low self-esteem. He was aware constantly of

                                    dealing with feeling self critical.


                                   Throughout his life he was told that he should train as a counseller,

                                   and on reaching middle age, he decided the time was right. Although he

                                   was cynical towards hypnotherapy, once introduced to it, he was

                                   amazed how effective it was. He claims that it has changed him and his life.


                                   He now admits that he never acknowledged his own strengths and

                                   struggled to turn his weaknesses into strengths, to please others

                                   (or so he thought).


                                    His "referrals" from pleased clients continue to drive him forward

                                    and it is his goal to reach as many people as possible. He realises just

                                    how change is possible and that everyone has choices, even when they

                                    appear to have none.


                                     over the past few years Mike has run courses at Merton Adult     

                                     Education  College enabling students to improve their lives in a

                                     positive way.


                                     Let Mike assist you to introduce the changes you wish for yourself.